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Swimming Injury Prevention Program

Swimming is one of the best exercises for overall health and fitness but with all its demands, it can take a toll on your body and prevent you from reaching your full potential as a swimmer.

Our Swimming Injury Prevention Program consists of two different warm up and cool down routines, plus over 50 different exercises aimed at preparing your body for the demands of swimming. In just a few short minutes a day, you can unlock a level of performance that you may have been struggling to achieve.

You know better than anyone else that prevention is better than cure. Sign up for the program today to ensure you can unlock peak performance where it matters the most.

Heath Matthews Physio

Heath Matthews Physio delivers exceptional physiotherapy through tailored, individualized care. Founded by Heath Matthews, a South Africa-trained physiotherapist with 20 years' experience treating athletes, celebrities and everyday individuals, HMP helps clients achieve optimal health and wellness.

With effective diagnoses, we treat conditions from sports injuries and chronic pain to post-operative rehabilitation. Our team of dedicated experts guide clients through their healing journey every step of the way, helping regain mobility, strength and overall well-being.

Experience the difference of HMP's proven therapies and care. Overcome injuries, relieve pain and reclaim an active lifestyle through specialized physiotherapy programs tailored to your needs